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Tears coursing down my cheeks,
Scrambling to dash away their presence.

Running from the room,
Trying not to let the others see.
Hearing footsteps follow,
Wishing they wouldn’t.

Why does this happen at the worst times?
Why can’t it happen in the privacy of my own home?

The heartache’s always there,
Though you try to hide it.
You try to continue you’re existence as if
You harbored no such hurt.

But every once in a while,
It will make itself known.
You will be unable to stop it.

Forcing its presence to be acknowledged,
It allows you no time to run.
No time to push it back into its corner.

It’s presence
Leaves you running from the room,
Dashing away all tears.
Brought on by the simplest of things.

Either it destroys your life,
Ruining all pretense to a normal one.
Or it bides its time,
Waiting till it is able to
Make you relive that terror of knowing
That everything you thought was truth,
Is, in reality, a lie.
this was written after i broke down during a spanish test. even tho, if anything, i look forward to tests and i NEVER break down during a test, before a test, after a test, or just in class...


this was written in reference to some news i had received concerning my two younger brothers and they're dad... just so everyone knows...
Enchanted-Moon Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2009
This is amazing and quite accurate.
varawdn Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
thank you.
living4him Featured By Owner May 1, 2007
:hug: Reminded me of this song.


The walls between
You and I

Always pushing us apart nothing left but scars fight after fight

The space between
Our calm and rage
started growing shorter , disappearing slowly day after day

I was sitting there waiting in my room for you
You were waiting for me too
And it makes me wonder

The older I get
Will I get over it
It's been way too long for the times we missed

I didn't know then it would hurt like this but I think
The older I get
Maybe I'll get over it
It's been way too long for the times we missed
I can't believe it still hurts like this

The time between
Those cutting words
Built up our defenses never made no sense it just made me hurt
Do you believe
That time heals all wounds
It started getting better but it's easy not to fight when I'm not with you

What was I waiting for
I should've taken less and given you more
I should've weathered the storm
I need to say so bad
What were you waiting for
This could have been the best we ever had

I'm just getting older
I'm not getting over you I'm trying to
I wish it didn't hurt like this
It's been way too long for the times we missed
I can't believe it still hurts like this

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